How To Get Any wifi Password Easy

By | June 6, 2022

How to crack a WiFi password. Are security measures effective for our wireless networks? ¿Decrypt your WiFi password Is it really that simple as shown in American movies and TV shows? You don’t know how many times they ask me such questions … so today I wanted to return to the topic and dedicate a new edition to it.

How to crack a WiFi password: previous stepsYes, unfortunately, wireless networks can still be broken, but fortunately, double-clicking is not enough, because we watch a lot on TV. More precisely, if the connection you are trying to attack is sufficiently secure, if you have a complex password, then unlike the default password provided by the provider that provides the modem, they are insufficient router, and, above all, it uses a secure encryption algorithm.

Currently the safest algorithm for Wi-Fi networks is WPA2-AES. Also, there is nothing in the PC world because it is untouchable, but it is very difficult to crack compared to other types of WiFi keys. The most vulnerable person is WEP which is vulnerable, can be easily attacked with any security holes and any program suitable for that purpose. But what software is used to hack WiFi passwords and hack wireless networks? Are they so easy to find and use? Let’s try to find out together.

Warning: Violation of other people’s wireless networks may be a crime, so use the tools provided in this application only to verify the security of the connections you are allowed to access. I do not assume any responsibility for the use of the information presented in this article.
Kali Linux

If you want to understand how to crack WiFi passwords, we will tell you what Kali Linux. There are many tools for monitoring and hacking wireless networks, including the Linux distribution USB memory, which can be used on any DVD or live stream (i.e. without installing on a PC).

You can find it in many textbooks in many languages.
Kali Linux is completely free and can be downloaded as an ISO file (32 o bit 64) from the official website. It weighs a little over 3 GB, so you’ll need to connect quickly before downloading.

As noted at the beginning of the post, connections using secure encryption algorithms (e.g., WEP) and predefined passwords (set by providers) allow the borrower to use the modem / router in the case of the Internet (Pierce) in a very simple way. Even with cell phone apps.To better understand what I mean, see Wifi Recovery y WiFi WPS WPA Tes

ter for Android y Note for Wi-Pass. These free apps allow you to connect to inadequately protected networks using a database of old modem / router passwords provided by Italian providers (such as TIM and Fastweb).
How to crack WiFi password e nWindows

Everything is easier when you have physical access to a computer or mobile phone that has a password to “attack” the network.

You only need to download the free application Windows WirelessKeyView In fact, it can decrypt all the access codes of wireless networks stored on your computer, decrypt WiFi passwords and passwords of other devices, without even looking at the reference modem / router documents.

To use it, click on the item and connect to the main page of the application Download WirelessKeyView if you have a 32-bit operating system or x64 for Download WirelessKeyView inside if you download the program to your computer using a 64-bit operating system.

When the download is complete, double-click the newly downloaded file (e.g. wirelesskeyview-x64.index), copy the contents of each folder and start the program WirelessKeyView.exe to start WirelessKeyView. In the window that opens, you will find a list of all Wi-Fi connections stored in Windows with the WPA / WEP keys.

Note that some Antivirus (including Windows Defender) may recognize WirelessKeyView as a potential threat. However, this is false due to the fact that the program will “read” the passwords stored on the PC. No worries about malware or viruses, rest assured!

If you don’t want to use external applications, you can find things related to wireless networks that run directly from Windows, connected to a computer, and decrypt WiFi passwords. Learn how to do this below.
If you are using Windows 10 o Click the Windows 8.x Start button (the flag icon is in the lower left corner of the screen) is the first appearance of search results in the search bar control menu. Go to the Classic Windows Control Panel Network and Internet> Center Network and Sharing,

select the Wi-Fi network, and if you want to know the password, click the Wireless Properties button to open the Security Select window and select the next item Show Characters. The Network Password field is displayed with plain text in the Network Security Key.

If you are using Windows 7 click on the Network icon at the bottom next to the Reloj system (white monitor o tao Wi-Fi), right-click the name of the Wi-Fi connection, select the item from the property menu, then click on the tab Security ✔Put the characters on the side of the article The Network Security key is displayed in plain text in the display and network password field.

In MacOS, you can see all the passwords stored on the system (not only connected to Wi-Fi) with the help of the “standard” included in the access key, which can be obtained through the application with a similar result, as seen in Windows.

It’s really simple to use. To get started, run the app by logging in to the Launcher, clicking on the folder again and then clicking on the access key. Click on the key icons and type a magnifying glass in the menu bar

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