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By | June 6, 2022

So have you heard of it? Now you are learning how to make money on TikTok. Well, your search is over.
Today I will teach you how to make money through the fastest growing social media platform TikTok.Yes, it has moved forward from sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.
As of April 2, there were more than 2020 billion downloads.

Given that the application was launched in 2016, you can say that TikTok was able to double in just one year.
Why am I telling you all this

I am sharing these amazing TikTok statistics, open your eyes to the gold mine in front of you so far.
Since the app is used by over 2 billion people every month, making money through TikTok should be easy, ri

, in its early days, people didn’t think much of it and considered it a platform for young children to share photos. A few years ahead, see how IG has grown.

The same thing is happening with TikTok. People do not know what to do. Most of them are still on the fence, but the former are scratching several tons of money.
You have a very small window to join and start making money through Tik Tok before the big brands and companies ruin the party.

To do this, use these strategies and sit at your desk.
# 1. Growing and selling accounts
This is a very lucrative strategy to make money through Tik Tok, so many young people make thousands of dollars with it.

Like Instagram, you can choose your location (network) and create interesting and entertaining content around your chosen topic.

The idea here is to make the content viral and possibly attract potential customers for your products.
Yes, it sounds complicated, but it is not.

People are already doing it and it is working.
All you have to do is choose a place that you understand well, they say.
Create a TikTok account around the makeup industry and call it whatever you want, but make it fun and memorable.

I find this feature very interesting.
With this method of earning money through TikTok, you can go live on the application and start collecting donations from viewers.

This is more or less the same process you want Twitch.
Where do charities come from?
It turns out that on TikTok there are in-app purchases in the form of coins. And to access them, just log in to your profile and order coins.

These coins are not expensive, for only $ 1.39, you get a few hundred coins.
Now, when your favorite creator is live on TikTok, you can value them by sending coins. They can exchange coins for diamonds after receiving them.

TikTok diamonds can be converted into cash via PayPal.
# 3. Account Management Services
The more they rush to TikTok, the more likely they are to manage their accounts and make money.
Everyone, including celebrities and a fortune of 500 companies, wants a piece of the cake, but what if they are not free to participate in the hunt?

Instead, they hire professionals like you to help grow the company’s TikTok accounts.
Here is the real scenario:
The Creator spreads the virus instantly, and his account is multiplied by millions of followers. It’s as if business has fallen on his knees. And it always is.
Create a content strategy, help manage your account, and share your experience. This can be a way to make money through TikTok.

This is another surefire way to make money through TikTok. If you have Facebook and Instagram ads, this should be easier for you if the app comes with an advertising platform.

Ideally, you pay Tik Tok to put your product in front of a large and targeted audience.
Use TikTok ads to drive traffic to your online store. Here customers can order your products or services.
If you don’t have a product, can you still use TikTok ads?

Consulting is the best way to make money on any social media platform and it includes TikTok.
Here, in fact, instead of exchanging your time for money, you are exchanging your skills.
As mentioned above, brands want to grow their accounts and sell products through TikTok. But there is a problem.

They don’t know how to do it.
If you help your customers get what they want, they will open their wallets more widely.
Ideally, companies are looking for quick results. If you can help them quickly deliver 100K views, you can easily make money as a consultant through Tik Tok.

The advantage of this strategy is that there is no need to do any work. Just develop a strategy and help the client leave the rest.

It’s an invitation to pay more. If they want to develop a strategy and implement it, ask for more money. If you take a few customers like this, you live on the beach with a laptop and a glass of juice.
Now it’s up to you to implement these TikTok strategies to enrich your pocket. Remember, make a plan, and work on it.

Remember, there is no secret to success in TikTok, just be consistent and learn from what you are working on.
Don’t forget to share this app to help your friends too.

Sit down, dig a little deeper, and finally come up with what you’re reading.
I admit that this list was difficult to compile, not because I couldn’t make money through WhatsApp, but because 90% of the strategies in front of me were scams.

I will go ahead and confirm that yes, you can make money through WhatsApp in Kenya or other nations.
However, even if there is no direct way to make money on the platform, there are strategies that you can use to earn passive income using WhatsApp.

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