5 Tips to Perfect the Work Leisure Trends

By | October 22, 2021

5 Tips to Perfect the Work Leisure Trends

Written by MEHRU

The work leisure trend is exactly what it sounds like: it’s work + play. In short, it’s about incorporating leisure-inspired pieces and elevated essentials into our daily wardrobes.

It’s about dressing smart but casual and transforming our business wardrobes from overly stuffy to comfortable. It’s about finding a balance between work and leisure and not going overboard from one side to the other when styling.

Here are some tips to help you create attractive and consistent outfits.

That is perfectly tailored to the principles of work and play.


A very easy mistake for anyone with work in their spare time is to show up at work and look sloppy.

Even if you are allowed to wear leisure-inspired pieces, or more precisely because of it. You need your outfits now more than ever to show that you are interested in how you look.

By paying attention to details such as first-class fabrics and quality craftsmanship.

These details make any outfit look more refined while providing more comfort.

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The other common mistake is to confuse work leisure trends with athleisure and get too sporty in your outfit. Workleisure does not include your actual gym and sportswear. Just like your favorite bulky jogging pants that are truly designed for training.

The best things for work and games are a nod to the sports industry, but they have a style that suits the office.

This means that joggers are acceptable, but only if they are made of luxurious fabrics like silk or suede that suggest a different kind of effort. So is a T-shirt if it sits tight and does not have great graphics across the chest.

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Balance your outfits

The success of your workwear depends first and foremost on the pieces you are wearing and how everything is coordinated.

It’s about contrasting leisure-inspired pieces with tailor-made elements, balancing proportions, and finding the perfect balance between work and play.

The easiest trick to ensure well-balanced workwear is to wear a more tailored item to each piece of clothing.

For example, when choosing joggers, pair them with a classic dress shirt to create a balanced look for the office. Or if you are wearing a knitted dress, pair it with a blazer for effortless class.


Although suits and dress shirts are most often used for formal wear, they have a place in your work and leisure wardrobe. When wearing the more formal items, the key is to remember to balance them with leisure-inspired pieces.

For example, wearing sneakers and a t-shirt with a suit can make it a perfect outfit for work.

A premium white dress shirt, well designed in high-end fabric, adds a healthy dose of elegance to your office clothes and has the ability to make a pair of jeans or joggers look more stylish.

The perfect combination of effortless polishing and laid-back elegance, it acts as a light layer upon layer and an ideal glossy canvas for almost any outfit.


I don’t think anyone specifically chooses wrinkled or broken clothing, but some might overlook the need for ironing when the dress code is more casual.

However, wrinkled and torn clothes look messy and unflattering, are inappropriate, and will not impress anyone.


The best work and leisure suits make you look elegant and comfortable and professional.

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