Ways To Get Free Media Coverage

By | October 22, 2021

Ways To Get Free Media Coverage

Written By MEHRU

If you’re looking for a profitable way to drive more traffic to your store and get more sales, learn how to get free media coverage. Even drop shippers can find a way to capture a journalist with such a compelling story that it leads to a post.

This article covers everything from press kit examples to tips and media coverage to get your store sales soaring with free advertising.

While most drop shippers avoid media coverage but it is possible to get media coverage even if you trade the same product as everyone else.

Online stores like Amazon and Walmart sell dropshipping items on their websites. And they appear regularly in articles. It’s not what you sell that gets the media coverage, but how you sell it.

Is it the story behind your brand? What do you do differently? What good things do we have in our community? Examine how your brand differs from your competitors.

Why Your Store Needs Media Coverage

Media coverage can help your brand gain credibility, increase sales, and build an online presence.

If the media covers your brand in an article, you will gain credibility. Journalists are picky about the brands they cover. If they show you in an article, it is because you did or said something that is newsworthy. And it’s worth talking about you!

Media coverage can also help you grow. If you contact publications about your product and they decide to include it in an article, readers will be directed to your site to purchase it.

Depending on the size of the post you place, you may get a lot of new visitors back to your site that you don’t normally market to.

Having a website and social media pages can help you establish an audience, but having others recommend your store and products gives you an even wider reach. The more people talk about your brand, the bigger it gets.

Do you need to create a press kit?

A press kit is a file or web page with your brand information. It can include a company theater, executive theater, key figures, and business contact information, your brand logo, the number of social media followers your brand has, customer demographics.

Media coverage. above, details of the company’s revenue, results, and more. The press kit is valuable to journalists, but it is also of interest to investors and other key figures.

New store owners are unlikely to add a press kit to their stores initially, but as you start to grow, you will likely need to add a media kit to your journalist site. Many major brands choose to include a press kit in the footer of their site for easy access.

Media set template

If you have design skills, you can create your own media set in Photoshop. However, those who are less design-savvy can download an affordable media set template online to suit their brand.

Free Media Coverage

Media Kit Templates

The Media Set Canvas Template is perfect for shop owners on a budget. You’ll be able to change the look of the template to match your branding while having an easy-to-use professional design.

The graphics and images used in the template can cost you (usually $ 1 graphics), but if you replace them with your own images, they are free. There are countless media set templates to choose from, making this a great resource to check out.

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Free Media Coverage

Graphic River Templates

Graphicriver templates for media sets are good for medium-sized stores that want to create a great media set. The best ones tend to cost between $ 17 and $ 25. They offer multiple pages in a general look so you can dive into more detail about your brand.

Free Media Coverage


SofiaZakia explains her brand is, who the designer is, her favorite products, or more in her press kit.

The page is visually stimulating with amazing photographs throughout, making it easy to read. They have injected their brand personality into the media.

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Getting media coverage doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re creating a newsworthy story, contacting a reporter, or following up on a reporter’s request.

You can strengthen your relationships with journalists while increasing your brand’s press coverage.

Communicate with blogs and publications. If there is a popular blog in your niche that everyone loves or a magazine that regularly contains products that you sell, contact us.

You can tweet the person writing the articles if you don’t have access to that person’s email.

Build a relationship with them first. Share your content. Talk to them about the industry. Recommend other (non-competitive) products that they might like.

After you have created the report, you need to recommend your products and bookmark them.

Free Media Coverage

Help A Reporter Out

Help A Reporter Out, also known as HARO, is a popular tool used by editors, journalists, and business owners. Journalists looking for experts for a story will post a request on the platform.

HARO sends three emails a day. Category with several different history queries. Categories include Business and Finance, Lifestyle and Fitness, High Tech, Travel, General, and more.

HARO has been used by more than 55,000 journalists, making it the most popular platform for journalists looking for content for their stories.

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Tips for getting media coverage

If you’ve tried to get media coverage before but have struggled to get a response, these tips will help you connect and appear featured.

Send Personal Emails – Send an email to the exact person you need to contact. As mentioned above, you can reach out to Twitter if you need to. Don’t email the wrong person.

If you contact the beauty columnist when she sells yoga pants, her email will be ignored. When emailing a journalist, address them by her name.

Don’t send generic sir/miss emails because it looks like you are sending everyone the same email to everyone.

Check out the editorial calendars of publications: popular publications like Cosmopolitan, Instyle, etc. They have editorial calendars that they share online. Look at Instyle’s editorial calendar – it shows the topics they cover each week, based on the season. You will need to contact them 2-3 months in advance for your product to appear in one of their stories, so plan ahead.

Start with smaller posts – Everyone wants to appear in popular posts like Forbes or Cosmopolitan. However, most do not get the coveted posts on their first try.

You need to start with small to medium-sized blogs and magazines.

Create a name for yourself. Create an audience on social media. Expand your sales to an impressive number.

And before you know it, the best publications will reach you. Build yourself for your purpose.

Do something different and weird: if everyone goes left, go right. Take an unpopular stance.

Do something in a completely different way. Let your brand personality shine through.

Most companies offer mediocre customer service. Offer customer service so well that everyone talks about it. Instead of doing what everyone else is doing, do what not everyone is willing to do.

Respond Quickly to Journalists’ Inquiries – When a journalist contacts you about your product or brand, respond immediately. They often have tight deadlines that they must meet.

Waiting to answer an email or phone call may cause them to show your competitor instead.

Offer a free product sample so they can see your product – When you contact a reporter, offer a free product sample so they can try your product, feel the material or smell the scent.

Having a product in front of you is a completely different experience than looking at a picture online.

By providing free samples, journalists will be better able to determine if your article fits or not. Make sure you do not bribe journalists with gifts or products worth more than $ 50.

Share your article after it’s published – Once you’ve been in an article, share it with your audience and tag them, thanking them for the feature.

Show that you appreciate the work they have done, which will make them more likely to contact you again in the future. Once you have shared the article, keep in touch with them.

Master Media Monitoring: Media monitoring is the act of monitoring Google for any media coverage. You can use tools like Google Alerts.

Where you can add your brand name and have Google send you an email every time your brand appears in their search engine. It lets you know who is writing about you without having to google. The best: it is free to use.

Is there anything else you’d like to know more about and wish was inserted in this article? Let us know in the comments below!

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