What’s the best brain trick you know?

By | November 19, 2021

 What’s the Best Brain Trick You Know?

Best brain trick you know

I’m not a neuroscientist, but an ordinary housewife in my forties, and I would like to introduce you to the things that I do every day of my life.

1. Drink your morning coffee.

When I wake up in the morning, I drink my morning coffee. I start the day quietly watching the BBC news and the news on Corona’s situation in Korea. I like this time of day the most.

2. Make sure you walk an hour a day.

If you walk for an hour, that’s 10,000 steps. Sometimes I go to the bank or the store without getting in the car on purpose. 

On days when there is no need to go to the bank or buy anything, choose a hike and go on flat ground and feel the weather. 

As you walk you can hear the sound of the wind and the song of the geese flying south, giving you a feel for the seasons. I am happy to be able to walk on two strong legs.

3. I don’t spend money unnecessarily.

As a married stay-at-home mom for 15 years, I always try to reduce unnecessary consumption. If you have a lot of things in your house, always use your energy to organize them. 

Most importantly, the house was packed and I couldn’t concentrate on my thoughts. So I only buy the essentials and clean the trash cans right away. If I ingest something that is not up to par, I feel anxious.

4. What you need to do today write it

When you make a phone appointment with a friend, immediately write a note in your cell phone calendar. 

Dentist appointments and special conference dates for children’s art classes have been discontinued.

 And in the morning, I look in my diary, I review the promises I have to keep today and I write them in my notebook. And I have things to do today. 

And each time a mission is completed, it is marked with a single line. I am very proud of myself the day I completed my assignment.

5. I am doing a team project.

I have the most honorable job as a mother of two. And a secondary job is to teach meditation in a high school. 

I love this job, meditation teacher. I am very proud to be able to play such a small role because not only the children 

I give birth to but also the children of the local community need someone to take care of them. 

I work with meditation teachers like me and I brainstorm a good class at least once a week. 

It is not easy to meet colleagues to gather opinions and come to a unique conclusion. 

Sometimes we fight. Sometimes we ignore other people’s suggestions. That’s why we hurt ourselves. 

But with the heart of building a house, we do our best to provide good lessons for the children. 

After the experience of living with my fellow teachers and myself, I can confidently contact the students. We practice happy coexistence and happy life through team projects.

6. Before going to bed, I meditate to think about the day.

We store everything we see, hear and experience in our brains every day. Imagine having a lot of these thoughts in storage every day. 

And we’re putting more information and videos in our heads these days. So I meditate for an hour before going to bed and get rid of unnecessary thoughts. 

Meditation helps awaken intuition. And accurate assessments can only be made when we look at the countless thoughts we have had throughout the day and dismiss them.

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