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Guys .. if you did not know, Christmas is next week! I’ll let you soak it up in a second. Ok, now that the Christmas decoration panic has set in, take it easy. 

I have a few frugal and quick Christmas decoration ideas and I do. What qualifies me as an “expert” in this situation? Well, a few weeks ago, Mr. LMB and I lived in a rental house in North Carolina, and we were leaving on Thanksgiving Day. 

Well, since I’m the crazy one I am, I wanted to decorate our rental for the holidays because it was such a beautiful house. 

I had to work fast because the movers would come to pack your things, and I had to work sparingly, for let’s face it, I was not going to spend a lot of money on decorating a house, we were about to leave. 

Here are my tips for decorating your home for Christmas for those who lack time, those who have a budget, or those who just want the whole walk-in process to go fast. 

With a few quick do-it-yourself projects, and items from your own backyard, you can instantly create beautiful vacation spaces!

Install a Christmas tree.

Well, this is the easiest and fastest way to add that Christmas charm to your home. The most obvious way to bring Christmas into your home is to add a Christmas tree to your home, regardless of the type of wood. 

It can be large, small, silver, gold, paper or just a small rosemary plant. You can see a lot of Christmas tree ideas {here}. 

Whether you love a classic douglas fir or a white tree with colorful lights, this is the best way to get your home ready for the holiday season anyway. 

Christmas decorations can be handmade just like the star decorations we made from ice cream sticks on our neutral Christmas tree.

Hang a Christmas wreath.

A Christmas wreath hanging on your front door will welcome your guests into your home, but wreaths also look great indoors. You can make DIY a stunning red and green wreath by adding ornaments and other Christmas items. You can just hang a plain pine needle wreath with a ribbon to set the holiday mood. 

Wreaths are a fun and easy way to bring Christmas spirit to your home. I use wreaths almost everywhere in our house and the great thing is that you can find them in the shops or make them from natural things in your garden. It does not have to be expensive to look good.

Light some candles

Lighting can really set the mood for warm and cool winter days. Lighting a candle or a group of candles in holiday decor can really take these Christmas decoration ideas to the next level. 

Candles look great as centerpieces on tables, vignettes and all the furniture in your home, and as an added bonus, holiday candles smell fantastic and set the mood with good scents like cinnamon and candy products bakery. 

Use candles you already have around the house and surround them with a few holiday items to create the perfect centerpiece that has not cost you a dime.

Bring holiday decorations and pillows.

Adding cozy holiday rugs and pillows with pillows of gold, green, red or any fun holiday color is a great way to add warmth to your everyday decor. 

Sheets, Christmas patterns, holiday colors and even DIY Christmas theme pillows are the perfect way to bring warm decor to your home. A tip for a quick checkered roll: 

We bought some cheap checkered fabric from Walmart and used it as a holiday roll, and no known difference!

Wrap these gifts early.

Adding Christmas presents and placement under the tree adds that excitement to your holiday decor. There are a million ways to wrap 

Christmas presents, and you can even wrap fake boxes so that they look like Christmas presents that you can put under your tree or add to your Christmas stickers before wrapping your real gifts. 

Add a cute ribbon, ornaments and even gift tags to the board and you have a cute holiday decor for under your tree. 

Package Tip: 

The Dollar Store sells amazing brown kraft paper that looks great with natural elements you can find in your garden. Cheap holiday wrapping paper.

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