Modern Technology Gives Classic Cars

By | December 2, 2021


Modern Technology Gives Classic Cars

Written By MEHRU

Classic Cars with Modern Technology

For most owners, classic cars are weekend getaways that spend most of their time stored in a garage.

And then there are those who prefer to enjoy their classic beauties every day of the week by running errands, driving to and from work and wearing them as much as possible.

But as all classic car enthusiasts well know, driving a classic car is difficult and cumbersome.

If you are thought about how light and comfort modern cars are driven. Thanks to features such as power steering, electronic braking system and of course air conditioning.

Now compare it to a classic or vintage car – without power steering, drum brakes, mechanical engine fans and lower AC and without AC, we can all agree that there will be a battle.

Brings us to the notion of how modern technology can breathe new life into classic cars, making them lighter, more comfortable and safer to drive.

Below is a list of upgrades that give you a safer and more comfortable ride without removing the integrity and originality of a classic cars.

Upgrade of electronic ignition system

Most classic cars use traditional ignition systems with ignition points that turn the coils on and off as needed, sending a spark at the right time to ignite the fuel at the top of the piston stroke range.

However, there are several issues with older ignition ignition systems:
  • Contact points deteriorate over time and are subject to heavy wear.
  • Trip points limit power input to coils
  • If the stitches get wet, they stop completely.
  • Harder to repair, maintain and adjust mechanically.
  • Problems starting on cold mornings, poor efficiency and overall reduced performance make driving unsafe.

Advantages of upgrading to an electronic ignition system:
  1. Improve fuel efficiency
  2. Faster and smoother acceleration for a more comfortable ride
  3. Lower exhaust emissions, better for the environment
  4. Extends the life of the spark plugs
  5. Easier general maintenance, starts on cold mornings

Upgrading to an electronic ignition system is an affordable change that improves driving characteristics and saves you time and money on constant tuning and service. 

Increases fuel efficiency and gives you a safe ride at any time of year, rain, hail or shine.

Power steering upgrade

For those of you who do not know how to drive a vehicle without power steering, you can imagine throwing a ton of bricks in one direction while trying to turn, stop and turn in the other direction and keep moving you again.

A classic vehicle without power steering can be more difficult to handle in tight spaces like. 

For navigation through multi-level car parks or driving in the city center.

Imagine not being able to turn fast enough to avoid the curb because the steering wheel was too heavy to turn.

Having power steering means you no longer have to undergo full weapons training just to get out of a parking lot.

Power steering makes the steering easy to adjust, making it easier to turn at lower speeds and creating a more comfortable and safer ride.

The overall weight is also lighter than for hydraulic steering systems, providing a slight improvement in fuel economy.

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Upgrading the disc brake

Most classic cars in the late 1960s were equipped with drum brakes behind or at both ends of the car. 

The drum is attached to the wheel and rotates freely until the brakes are activated.

After which a shoe brake mechanism is pushed outwards and friction between the shoe and the drum stops the wheels.

However, this friction generates a lot of heat during braking and can be difficult to dissipate, which can lead to wear on brake pads, overheating and other problems.

Brake drums can also collect water, which reduces their braking performance and increases the risk of accidents.

For this reason, several classic car owners turn to disc brake systems.

The benefits of a disc brake system include:
  • Less likely to experience brake drums
  • Significant braking force with disc brakes at the front of the vehicle.
  • -The drive brake systems are self-adjusting
  • It is easier to inspect without removing the wheel.
  • Less likely to overheat
  • Disc brakes are much more common with many options for performance, as well as service and maintenance.

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Air conditioning upgrade

Imagine surfing from top to bottom, with the windows facing down next to the beach 45 degrees of heat. 

Air conditioning has become an important part of Australian life at home and while driving.

It is in our nature to always have the most comfortable option and that means air conditioning in the car. 

The air conditioning in older vehicles is not as efficient or powerful as in modern automobiles.

They also tend to ruin the engine’s power and affect the overall performance of the car. 

Upgrading your air conditioning not only improves the comfort of you. 

Your passengers, it also increases performance and reduces engine wear.

Electrical conversions update

As the future of electric vehicles knocks on our doors and sets off an electrifying future, two car enthusiasts, David Bernardo of Zelectric Motors and Michael Bream, founder of EV West, decided to turn an electric powertrain into a Porsche. Classic 912 from 1968.

Starting with nothing but a rusted casing, the two attempted to create a mix of past, present and future and built a 550 horsepower electric animal with over 6000 Nm of torque.

However, not everyone agrees with this change, with staunch classic enthusiasts claiming that it is no longer a classic vehicle. 

They mention that it is “a desecration of the vehicle and it has become something that was never meant to be.”

The idea behind owning a classic car is the entire authentic driving experience, which includes having a true classic engine.

On the other hand, taking a fuel-guzzling classic car full of engine problems and a road safety hazard and restoring it with an electric motor is like blowing up the defibrillator and bringing someone back to life.

It opens up the possibilities of owning a classic car for future generations and it could possibly be the future of car collection.

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