Which Cap Is Better For Teeth After A Root Canal Or Filling

By | December 6, 2021

Which Cap Is Better For Teeth After A Root Canal Or Filling

After receiving a root canal, several patients ask, “It is very important to have a plug.” 

The answer is yes; a root canal treatment becomes crucial when any disease or decay penetrates a soft central part of the teeth; helps protect your teeth. 

The dentist would remove all infected or damaging parts of the nerve during a root canal, clean all the free space, and place a new artificial nerve in the teeth. 

It is known as root canal treatment that secures the teeth. Let’s take a closer look at the information on a different type of caps (crowns) for teeth after root canal treatment.

Different types of dental caps (crowns) that are good after a root canal or filling.

There are different types of crowns or dental caps that are good after a root canal or filling, such as below:

Ceramic crowns

This crown or cap is best for teeth after the root canal and this cap is made of porcelain. 

Porcelain has been used to create tooth-colored dental material, such as ceramic crowns, that mimic the appearance, function, or shape of a natural tooth. 

These crowns restore the front teeth and are very durable, strong and do not break easily. According to a dentist, ceramic crowns are better than other caps.

Gold and metal crowns

Gold or metal crowns come in different colors and shapes. They offer a robust joint and are resistant to breakage. 

Furthermore, these caps are usually made up of copper, gold, and other metals. 

Few metal caps are made of base metals that are corrosion resistant and strong. 

This metal-based crown requires less removal, giving them a greater preservation option.

Porcelain fused to metal caps

When the two heal together, the porcelain chemically fuses with the metal oxides, creating a lasting bond. 

In addition to this, these plugs are more robust than normal porcelain as they are supported by metal structures. 

They also go well with the look, function or shape of your natural teeth.

SSC (stainless steel caps)

SSCs are used to restore baby (primary) teeth. SSCs (stainless steel plugs) are placed after root canal treatment, pulpotomy treatment, and typical cavity fillings such as amalgam fillings.

Resin caps

Resin restorations and crowns are cheaper than ceramic, metal, gold, or porcelain plugs. But dentists generally do not recommend resin caps, as they are more vulnerable to wear and tear and do not last as long.


You can conclude that it is necessary to place a plug after the root canal. 

Covering yourself after root canal treatment helps protect your teeth from damaged teeth. 

A Fort Wayne dentist is confident and prominent, giving you new hope for your smile. 

As mentioned above, all dental plugs have been considered the best, with porcelain fused to metal plugs being the most popular or natural-looking alternative. 

Gold or metal caps are the best and strongest option, and ceramic caps replace the front teeth.

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